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»The history of the Villa

Here are the true origins of Ostignano, retracing the certain historical information that can be found in the Tuscan archives.

1300 - The first news about the existence of a rural settlement in Ostignano is actually from the 14th June 1381, when the brothers Lorenzo and Bartolomeo di Ciardo di Simone da Montaione bought a house situated in the village of Listignano (this was the name of Ostignano at that time) from the dominican friar and their cousin, Piero di Bartolomeo di Simone da Montaione.
Since in 1381 the 3 cousins shared the heritage that until that time had never been divided, we can presume that it belonged to their grandfather Simone, who probably bought the estate half century before. We suppose therefore that the farm was established within the half of the century.

1500 - A more ancient proof about the existence of Stigniano (this was the new name) is an end of the 16th century road map, performed by the captains of Guelfi. The map (north at right) shows the place (today Ostignano) along one road (T and K on the map), coming from Montaione, crossing the brooklet and arriving to Via delle Colline (I on the map) after 1735 “braccia” (old units) that correspond to approx. 1 km.

1800 - Leopoldo II wanted the first geometric and descriptive cadastral information about the whole territory of the Tuscan Grand duchy to be collected around the 1820. The map shows Lostignano (this was the name at that time) composed by some grounds having in the center a L shaped building that corresponds to the present Villa.

Wedding Villa Italy

Villa Ostignano
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